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Blue Ridge Shredding Services

Blue Ridge Environmental is the local choice for all of your secure document disposal needs. BRE understands the importance of making sure the sensitive data that your customers entrust you with is properly eliminated. We also understand that the needs of our customers vary greatly. That is why Blue Ridge Environmental offers a variety of options to fit the needs of virtually any business.

Our Equipment:

Blue Ridge Environmental understands that some businesses have requirements for all of their secure documents to be shredded on site, while other customers simply prefer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their documents are destroyed before leaving the premises. We are able to provide this service for our customers through the utilization of our mobile shred truck.

Secure Disposal Options:

Regularly Scheduled Shred On Site - This service is a perfect for offices who wish to have their documents destroyed on site on a regular basis. This can be bi-monthly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. With this service we will deliver one or more consoles to your business and shred them on site according to the frequency that best fits your needs.

Blue Ridge Simple Shredding Process:

  1. Arrive onsite and set up the truck
  2. Collect containers
  3. Shred Contents
  4. Replace Containers
  5. Issue Document of Destruction

Bulk/Purge Shredding - This service fits the needs of those businesses who have accumulated a large number of documents over a period time and need one-time or infrequent disposal. We have helped clients destroy documents that have accumulated over a couple years to an entire career of accumulated sensitive documents. BRE will work with you to make the process less stressful and less overwhelming.

Blue Ridge Simple Shredding Process:

  1. Arrive onsite and set up the truck
  2. Assist you with the removal of the documents
  3. Begin Shredding Documents
  4. Stay as long as the job takes
  5. Issue Document of Destruction

Our Containers:

36 Gallon Executive Console

Blue Ridge Environmental

Depth: 16 Inches
Width: 22 Inches
Height: 36 Inches
Capacity: 75-100 lbs.

95 Gallon Console

Blue Ridge Environmental

Depth: 34 3/8 Inches
Width: 25 1/8 Inches
Height: 44 1/2 Inches
Capacity: 300-350 lbs.

Our Promise:

Our promise to our customers is to provide prompt, professional, courteous service at a competitive price... all while ensuring that your sensitive documents remain secure throughout the destruction process. All customers are given a Document of Destruction upon completion to certify that the documents were securely destroyed.

Helping the Environment:

Blue Ridge Environmental is proud that after documents are securely destroyed they are recycled 100%... Resulting in a positive impact on the environment.


Blue Ridge Environmental specializes in regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and hazardous waste removal and transport. We are committed to serving our clients on personal level while maintaining the highest customer service, education, and compliance.