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Are you aware that OSHA may fine you up to $7,000 for each non-compliant item on their checklist? Are you current on your MSDS/SDSs, Safety Training, and Safety Plans? Have you conducted your own workplace OSHA audit? Get in OSHA compliance with our online OSHA Compliance Program, which includes:

  • Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS) management: Access millions of MSDS/SDSs
  • Safety Plan Builder: Complete all your OSHA required safety plans in minutes
  • Safety Audits: Are you OSHA compliant? Find out here.
  • Training: Safety training for your employees, including Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazcom, HIPAA, DoT, Fire Safety, and Electrical Safety
  • Federal Regulations: Find the answers you need instantly
  • and more...
Manage OSHA compliance via one powerful web portal. We help manage your compliance needs with our one-stop online compliance solution. Compatible with your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, you can conveniently manage and protect your business anywhere, anytime.

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Online Compliance Program Highlights

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets management. Search, print, and organize all of your MSDS’s.


Complete your Hazcom, Bloodborne Pathogens or HIPAA training and receive a certificate of training upon completion. Keeps track of your training and reminds you when it is time to take a refresher course.

Employee view:

Administrative view:

Safety Plans

Complete the OSHA required safety plans in less than one hour. Easily edit the safety plans if there is a change in employees or protocol.


Safety Audits – Audit the office or facility to make sure it is in full OSHA compliance.

ICD-10 – Be prepared for the conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in 2013.


Federal Regulations – Get the detailed answers you need to comply with federal regulations


Store all your training certificates and other documents to keep all your OSHA compliance documents in one place. Includes password protected mode to safeguard sensitive documents

Manage Locations

Organize the facilities documents by rooms, stations, floors, or any other identifiable name. Completely customizable by the user.


Blue Ridge Environmental specializes in regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and hazardous waste removal and transport. We are committed to serving our clients on personal level while maintaining the highest customer service, education, and compliance.